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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Trace Mercer

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Trace Mercer

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PostSubject: Trace Mercer   Trace Mercer I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2014 7:39 pm

* Wrestler Name:Trace Mercer

* Nickname:
King Of The Indies
The Hardcore Icon
The Human Highlight Reel
The Unpredictable
The Fuckin God of Professional Wrestling
King Of Kings

* Age: 22 Years Old

* Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

* Weight: 180

* Height: 6'1

* Favorite Specialty Match:
Street Fight
First Blood
Last Man Standing
Extreme Rules

*Specialty Weapons (IF ANY): Anything that Inflicts Pain

* Entrance Music: three days grace - time of dying

* Alignment (face/heel/Tweener): Tweener

* Years Wrestling: 9

* Quotes:
"My Blood, Sweat and Tears.. Made these fans pay to see me"
"I gave my body for 9 long years in the indies to make it to this point"
"I didn't put my life on the line, in some of the most barbaric matches of all time, to let a fucking pretty boy who got handed everything think he can disrespect me"

* Finisher: Attack Of the gods

Triple Bypass (Shooting star leg drop)[1]

* Finisher Description: Shooting star press

* Finisher:Life Destroyer
Open Hart Surgery (Diving corkscrew somersault into either a leg drop or senton)[1]
Triple Bypass (Shooting star leg drop)[1]

* Finisher Description: Double underhook flip piledriver

* Finisher: Open Heart Surgery
Triple Bypass (Shooting star leg drop)[1]

* Finisher Description: Diving corkscrew somersault into either a leg drop or senton

* Finisher: From the Heavens

* Finisher Description: Shooting star leg drop

* Bio/Backround:
Will Be added later on

* Attire: Similar to Teddy Harts attire

* Fighting style: Highflying//Hardcore//Violent//Reckless

* Wrestler's Favourite Moves (As Many as you feel like:
Belly to back suplex flipped into a bulldog
Cradle DDT
Fireman's carry sitout facebuster
Fujiwara armbar
Shooting star elbow drop
Belly to back suplex flipped into a sitout powerbomb
Powerbomb into a double knee backbreaker
Single arm DDT
Spike DDT,sometimes preceded by a springboard swan dive
Springboard moonsault
Straight jacket spike piledriver
Gory special flipped forward into a sitout powerbomb

Picture Base: Stephen James

Career Accomplishments –
A Shit load of Indy Titles, That aren't worth mentioning in Main Stream Wrestling.

ENTRANCE - The XWE arena is buzzing as the fans prepare for the next contest. The tron comes to life showing a coded message before '5x6=' appears on the screen. The alphabet begins to rapidly flash across the screen as the equation stays strong. Suddenly the first letter comes after the = sign, T. R few seconds later the next one does A C E. A space seperates the next letter from the one before it. M, E, R, C, E and R follow almost immediately afterwards as the fans that know begin to blare out their approval.

The crowd watches as Trace Mercer steps out onto the ramp. They eagerly are anticipating what The King Of The Indies will do next as his theme music echoes throughtout the arena.

Trace looks around at the many faces with a devilish smirk on his face. He begins his slow descent to the ringside area.

Once he reaches the squared circle he takes a step back before hopping up and placing his knee on the apron and swinging his foot up and staring at the crowd once more to feed off them a moment longer. He grabs the rope and slingshots over, landing on the middle rope and perching himself in the corner Trace studies the crowd again before throwing his arms out in his signature crucifix pose.
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Trace Mercer
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