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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Devon Frazier

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PostSubject: Devon Frazier   Devon Frazier I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 5:28 am

[Picbase: fabolous]
[Entrance Music: "They Reminisnce Over You" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth]

[Real Name: Devon Frazier]
[Ring Name: Devon Frazier]
[Nickname: Golden Boy]
[Age/D.O.B: 26/september 4, 1986]
[Hometown: Brooklyn, New York]
[Resides: Brooklyn, New York]
[Weight: 213]
[Height: 6 ft 1]

[Alignment: Heel]
[Years Wrestling: 5 Years]
[Finisher: Golden Blackout(Gory lock into DDT)]
[Match Specialty: last man standing]
[Fighting Style: boxer/grappler]
[Move List: Gut Kick
• Left/Right Uppercut
• Left/Right Jab
• Left/Right Hook
• Vertical Suplex
• Duck n' Move
• Snap DDT
• Leaping Clothesline
• Powerslam into Pin
• Reverse DDT
• Dropkick (in corner)
• Leg Lock submission
• Arm wrench into Arm drag
• Pimp Slap into Reverse DDT]
[Entrance:The saxophone kicks into the intro of the track as the entrance lights up to a golden aura. Devon steps out after moments, draped within a black, silk robe with the initials “D.F” on the back in cursive lettering. as he makes his way down the ramp followed by on each side with a honey as they walk in sync down the ramp. The fans are throwing a bunch of boo's towards Devon as he admires it, he walks up the steps, dropping the robe as one of the ladies catches it. They walk back to the back as Frazier enters the ring.

The fans boo as Frazier stands on the second turnbuckle, welcoming in the reception, he takes in the lights, the sounds before dropping off and walking to the center of the ring as he shadow boxes, waiting for his opponent.]
[Career Accomplishments: XWE World Champion [x1]
XWE Champion [x1]
XWE King Of Kings Winner [x2]
XWE North American Champion [x4]
XWE Tag Team Champion [x2 W/Roman Casey]
XWE Grand Slam Champion
XWE Triple Crown Champion]
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Devon Frazier
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