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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Roman Casey

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Roman Casey

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PostSubject: Roman Casey   Roman Casey I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 5:40 am

[Picbase: Reggie Bush]
[Entrance Music: Meek Mill - Young Kings]

[Real Name: Roman Casey]
[Ring Name: Roman Casey]
[Nickname: The Emperor]
[Age/D.O.B: 28/January 14th 1985]
[Hometown: Oakland California]
[Resides: Beverly Hills California]
[Weight: 203]
[Height: 6 ft 0]
[Bio: Unknown Life, Shys away from the public eye]

[Alignment: Tweener]
[Years Wrestling: 8 Years]
[Finisher: The Rise Of The Emperor(Vertabreaker)]
[Match Specialty: Steel Cage Match]
[Fighting Style: Brawler]
[Move List:Bicycle Kick
Fireman's carry spun out into a facebreaker knee smash
Leaping Reverse STO
Scoop lift spun out into a reverse STO)
Running big boot to the opponent's face while using their knee for leverage
Sheer-drop release powerbomb
Falling clothesline
Leaping knee drop
Running knee lift to an opponent's head
Big boot, sometimes to a seated opponent
Rope-hung DDT
Double Knee Backbreaker
Rolling cutter
Standing Dropkick
Snap scoop powerslam
European uppercut
Double Knee Facebreaker
Inverted Stomp Facebreaker
Falling Inverted DDT
Belly-to-back suplex
Gutwrench Elevated Neckbreaker
Spike Brainbuster
Standing Side Slam
Swinging Neckbreaker
Sleeper hold, sometimes with bodyscissors
Omoplata Crossface]
[Entrance: The arena goes dark as a video begins to play and "Young Kingz" By Meek Mills hits your eardrums and a spotlight appears in the center of the stage. As the music picks up a circle of flames erupt, encircling the light as green and black smoke begins billowing up from within the circle. A shadow can be barely seen rising up inside the smoke which starts to dissipate and the flames die down revealing Roman Casey standing center stage wearing his usual ring gear. Roman takes a long look around the ring before bashing both fists into his chest like a wild-man before raising them into the air as a huge wall of flames goes off behind him. Roman runs down the ramp and once at the bottom takes a leap into the air, landing directly on the ring apron. He gets into the ring by jumping over the top rope, then goes to each corner to taunt the fans, only stopping at the last one long enough to take another good long look around the ring. Roman then bashes his fists into his chest again and as he raises his arms into the air, green pyro goes off from all four posts. The one he is in front of makes him look as if consumed by flames as he jumps down. Roman then quickly tosses his shades into the crowd, takes off his tee and necklace before handing them to the ring attendant before waiting for his opponent(s) as his music dies down.
[Career Accomplishments: XWE World Champion [x4]
XWE Champion [x2]
XWE King Of Kings Winner [x5]
XWE North American Champion [x3]
XWE Tag Team Champion [x2 W/Devon Frazier]
XWE Grand Slam Champion
XWE Triple Crown Champion]
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Roman Casey
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