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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Giselle Amber Blake

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Giselle Amber Blake

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REAL NAME: Giselle Amber Blake
WRESTLERS NAME: Giselle Amber Blake
NICKNAME(S): The Tortured Angel
HEIGHT: 5 ft 8
FROM: Cleveland Ohio
as the intro to We are kicks in the lights dim down slightly, the crowd got up on their feet giving a mixed reaction as they knew who was coming out next.

We are, we are, we are made from broken parts.
We are, we are, we are broken from the start.
And our hearts, our hearts, they were beating in the dark
'Cause we are, we are, we are built from broken parts.

A single purple strobe light points to the middle of the stage, The blonde haired beauty known as Giselle Amber Blake walked out onto the stage, She had a black glittery hoodie on with a number of crosses in Blue glitter on it.

If you can lose it all then welcome to Broadway.
Silicone dreams and your name on the marque.
And I can hold it up, but I hold it up hardly.
It's hotter here in hell but it's getting real dark, see.

So all you sick and the bitterness of the lonely.
To all you overdosed and you miles of coke fiends.
And every step, another step you're walking on my dreams.
Every breath, another breath, you're breathing when I breathe.

I watch them all come, gotta watch the rest go.
I'm married to the devil, in the city of angels.
So come all you wicked, to the world of the empty.
I know I need it all, so baby don't tempt me.

I'm knockin' on your door, nope, nobody sent me.
Just checkin' all you bitches, like I'm checkin' this check sheet.
So put your hats on, Lohner don't get soft.
You can see God when I take my mask off.

Giselle slowly begins to make her way down the ramp, her eyes remain focused on the ring, she had blocked out everyone around and everything, she was completely in the zone, she knew what she had to do here tonight. As Giselle reached the bottom of the ramp, she leaped up onto the apron of the ring, she grabbed onto the ropes and slingshotted herself over in a front flip movement, she landed on her feet, then flipped her hands out to the side in a goddess pose.
BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Despite her better than you exterior, Giselle is emotionally Broken inside, she has an undeniable Rage that should have her opponents running in fear.
THEME MUSIC: Hollywood Undead - We Are

FINISHER(S): The Queen Bomb (Double leg lifting sitout spinebuster, sometimes from the second rope)
Life Ender (Jumping inverted double underhook facebuster)
Fall Of A Queen (Shooting star press)
Diving bulldog while running up the ring ropes
Dropkick, sometimes from the top rope
Fireman's carry neckbreaker
Flying cross body block
Frankensteiner, sometimes from the top rope
It Factor (Sitout facebuster, often used as a powerbomb counter)
Leg drop bulldog reversal
Sidewalk slam
Slingshot leg drop
Spin-out powerbomb
Wheelbarrow suplex
Inverted swinging facebuster

XWE Japan: Womens Champion [x2]
XWE British Commenwealth Champion [x1]
XWE Divas Tag Team Champion [x2 W/Cassie]
XWE World Champion [x1]
XWE Pure Champion [x1]
XWE Ironman Champion [x1]
XWE Golden Crown Champion [x1]
XWE Womens Champion [x3]
XWE Tag Team Champion [x5 W/Cassie Daniels]

BIOGRAPHY: Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Giselle was born due to a one night stand her mother had with a famous rockstar, Giselle didn't have the greatest of childhood's, her mother used to leave her in front of the television set, whilst she went out drinking, taking drugs and having unprotected sex with multiple amounts of men.

During this Giselle found her love for Wrestling, one night when her mother left her on her own, she turned the channel over to a well known wrestling show, she fell in love with the attitude of the female wrestlers, when she was 12 she signed herself up to a local wrestling school in the area, this is where she met her future tag team partner and best friend Cassie Miller (Who would become famous as Cassie Daniels).

After 6 Years of training, she was signed along with Cassie to the world Famous Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment company, It was in XWE that Cassie became a star becoming the only wrestler in the companies history to hold every single championship.

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Giselle Amber Blake
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