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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Angelique Rosario

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PostSubject: Angelique Rosario   Angelique Rosario I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 9:11 pm

|||| Wrestler Name:
Angelique Rosario

|||| Nickname:
Blonde Ambition

|||| Age:

|||| Hometown:
Calgary Alberta Canada

|||| Weight:
One hundred Fifteen Pounds

|||| Height:
Five Foot Five Inches

||||Favorite Specialty Match:
Singles matches

|||| Entrance Music:
Sugar Rush by Myah Marie

|||| Alignment (face/heel):

|||| Years Wrestling:
Angelique has had a few professional matches over the last year, however, she hasn’t had too much training.

|||| Finisher: Affliction
Reverse DDT.

|||| Attire:
These outfits change color and pattern scheme week to week.
Angelique Rosario Layla-210

|||| Fighting style:
Clean, Diva.

|||| Wrestler's Favourite Moves (As Many As You Feel Are Neccessary):
Bicycle Toe Kick
Lariat Takedown
Straight Jacket Choke
Single Leg Dropkick
Somersault Senton
Gannosuke Clutch
Knife Edge Chops
Vertical Suplex
Thesz Press
Victory Roll

|||| Picture Base:

|||| Career Accomplishments –

The sounds of Myah Marie’s “Sugar Rush” Come over the Public Announce system and blares through the arena as the fans start to cheer because they know who is about to come out..The camera moves onto the walkway where from behind the curtain the beautiful Angelique comes out with a big smile on her face. The fans continue to cheer the stunning blonde as she sticks her hand in the air with a smile Angelique walks closer towards the descending walkway at to go to the ring when she places her hands in her hair and before she bends over towards her toes and flips her hair back up with a smile.

At the sound of her name Angelique starts to walk down the declining part of the walkway with a huge smile on her face, as the fans continue to cheer for her she throws her right hand into the air showing the fans some love while she makes her way to ringside.

As Angelique makes her way down to ringside she walks around the ring instead of heading up the stairs as she does she passes closely to the guardrail as she starts to give Hi-fives to the fans in the first row, as she passes around the ring the fans continue to cheer the beautiful diva. As Angelique makes her way across the entire ringside area, when she makes it to the stairs she starts to ascend them. As she climbs the stairs one by one the cheers from the fans get a bit louder. As the beauty makes her way up to the ring apron she stops in the dead center of the apron, she enters the ring under the top rope. The sounds of “Sugar Rush” then start to fade out the sounds of a new theme ring throughout the arena.
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Angelique Rosario
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