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-Road to Glory-
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Last Man Standing


 Sophia Vasquez

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PostSubject: Sophia Vasquez   Sophia Vasquez I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 10:21 pm

.:: Wrestler Name ::.
Sophia Vasquez

.:: Nickname ::.
Pride Of Puerto Rico

.:: Age ::.

.:: Hometown ::.
Bronx, New York

.:: Weight ::.
125 lbs.

.:: Height ::.

.:: Favorite Specialty Match ::.
Steel Cage

.:: Specialty Weapons (IF ANY) ::.
Steel Chair

.:: Alignment (face/heel) ::.
sexy cunning heel

.:: Years Wrestling ::.
Rookie Year

.:: Quote: Optional ::.
Don't Hate Appreciate
I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying

.:: Finishing Move for Bigger Opponents ::.
Bronx Buster

.:: Description ::.
Wheelbarrow DDT

.:: Finisher Move 2 For Smaller Opponents ::.
Lock and Key

.:: Version One Description ::.
Texas CloverLeaf

.:: Version Two Description ::.
Texas CloverLeaf Counter

.:: Signature ::.
Shining Wizard / Shining Apprentice

.:: Description ::.
A strike delivered to an opponent down on one knee. After stepping off the opponent's raised knee with one foot, the wrestler swings his other leg and strikes the opponent's head with either the side of his knee or his shin. A slight variation, which sees the wrestler use a running enzuigiri to the kneeling opponent's head without the use of the opponent's knee for leverage, is known as a Shining Apprentice.

.:: Fighting style ::.
Brawler - Technical

.:: Wrestler's Favourite ::.
Basic Moves
Elbow Strikes
Arm Drag Takedown
Diving Front Flip Slam
Russian Legsweep
Lungblower (backstabber)
Full Nelson Bulldog
Spinning Facebuster
Kick (variations)
Drop Kick (variations)
Pele Kick
Running Close Line
Crucifix Neck Breaker
Matrix (dodging close line) To German Suplex
Inverted stomp facebreaker
Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker
Inverted DDT
Lou Thez Press
Curb Stomp
Rapid Knee Lifts
Eye Rank

Octopus Stretch
Modified Octopus Stretch (black widow)
Drop Toe Hold To Crippler Crossface
California Dream
Heel Hook

Foot Choke
Knee Thrust
Shoulder Thrusts
Running Knee To Bulldog

To The Sky
Flying Body Press

To The Out Side
Baseball Slide
Diving CrossBody

.:: Picture Base ::.
Suelyn Medeiros

.:: Career Accomplishments ::.

.:: Entrance Music ::.
MIA - Bad Girls

the lights dim in the arena as Bad Girls by M.I.A begins to play over the speakers allowing the arena to flash multi-color lights to the beat of the percussion.

Live Fast, Die Young
Dad Girls Do It Well
Live Fast, Die Young
Dad Girls Do It Well

Live Fast, Die Young
Dad Girls Do It Well
Live Fast, Die Young
Dad Girls Do It Well

Sophia appears from behind the curtain moving her shoulders to the beat of the song as she then begins to dance on the ramp like a high class trained belly dancer before smiling big making her way to the ring.

My Chain Hits My Chest
When I’m Bangin’ On The Dashboard
My Chain Hits My Chest
When I’m Bangin’ On The Radio

Get Back, Get Down
Pull Me Closer If You Think You Can Hang
Hands Up Hands Tied
Don’t Go Screaming If I Blow You With A Bang

The men in the audience go crazy as she pays them all special attention as she gives out kisses , hugs, and boob jiggles for the ones leaning over the barricade as she makes her way down to the ring blowing a kiss into the camera before hopping on the apron and entering the ring slowly over the middle rope.

Once inside the squared circle she waves to all the fans, blowing them kisses, even if the women are shaking their heads , slapping their men in the back of the head, or even booing. Haters gonna hate that's why you don't bring a date.
As her music fades she flirtatiously waves at commentary as she walks over to them striking up a conversation before looking back over to the ref as he pats her down for any weapons she may be hiding in her skimpy attire.
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Sophia Vasquez
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